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Ten Common Myths About Real Estate-Darwin Horan

Southern California Housing Market

It's still possible to find a single family dwelling within this glorious horse country for less than half a million. In California's booming housing market, that is unheard of. It will not be long until the middle class is going to be priced out so its time for homebuyers to make their move. 

Begin by hiring a realtor who specializes in the region and that has proven success helping sellers and buyers alike in Altadena. With the area north east of Downtown Los Angeles - the very western region of what's called the San Gabriel Valley - neighborhoods and entire cities are on the increase. Nowhere is this clearer now than in Altadena, CA. 

Homes in Darwin Horan Altadena are being restored to their original luster and Altadena property is through the roof when it comes to home values. Before long the community was flourishing once again and the curb appeal of these older areas enhanced. The continuing restorative movement in Altadena, which started in the nineties, has helped to improve property values. As things get spruced up and the place becomes more attractive and expensive, the purchaser obviously becomes more discriminating and sophisticated. Like it or not, right or wrong, he rich get richer, and those of a lesser socioeconomic standing are often driven out. Once thought of as a common working class community, Altadena currently has a private country club with tennis courts and swimming pools. A remarkable contrast to what was "another side of the tracks" during the 1980s. Thirty years after the gentrification of North East Los Angeles started to take shape. 

The rundown and neglected homes were bought remodeled and cheap, then flipped. North East Los Angeles became a prime target for the real estate agent and buyers of modest means scouting for their first property. In close proximity to the highly successful City of Pasadena, Altadena is gaining some well-earned esteem reflected in its home values. A friend of mine owned one of these 1920's storybook Mediterranean-style homes with a red tile roof up in Altadena. Sitting in the breakfast nook, an individual could marvel at the San Gabriel mountain range from its French windows. The home had plaster walls that fulfilled the ceiling at a curve. 

The floors were built of large wooden boards, giving the area a sort of Greek Isle art studio texture. An idyllic setting for those seeking to break free from it all, the area of Altadena is situated just North of its huge city sister, Pasadena. Now let us fast-forward into the civil rights era, a generation later. When the public schools were desegregated a phenomenon called "White Flight" happened in this desirable spot. Regrettably, the possessions fell into disrepair and the area turned into a much less desirable area than it is now. 

Being in close proximity to stunning Pasadena - of Rose Parade celebrity - has never been sufficient to make the real estate buzz which Altadena has longed for until today. In the end, Pasadena homes for sale have always been in good demand and the Pasadena housing market is always flourishing. Now it is Altadena's turn and house sellers are giddy while homebuyers are gnashing their teeth for waiting too long to go into the Altadena housing market. For foodies with a sweet tooth and taste for authentic Italian Gelato, have a drive down East Altadena Drive and locate Leo Bulgarini's gelateria. The Rome-born ex-sommelier chose this hot spot to start his gourmet gelato store and that says everything. 

The new generation of  Darwin Horan "Hipsteropolis" pubs is also finding its way to the side of town. In case you've got a fantastic pallet and get a hankering for good French wine, Altadena Ale and Wine House is right around the corner. These specialty stores cater to the elite, which is obviously a great indication that the community of Altadena is definitely on the upswing.

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